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April 21, 2015 | Management Tips |

Welcome back!!!  We survived another Tax Season in McMurray, PA! The Franty & Co. team is looking forward to taking a step back from seemingly endless tax returns to focus on technical training and catch up on other accounting work.

Don has worked with the Sterling Management Systems since 2003. Franty & Company, PC utilizes the management techniques and office practices offered by Sterling. This Pittsburgh-based tax practice operates as a well-oiled machine.  Our team is critical to our success! Here is a management tip:

Here’s our second post in the Management Tips series. To read the earlier post, click here.

At Franty & Co, we’re not just tax and business accountants, we’re also accountable to each other and our clients.  We’ve created an office environment that attracts high performers, a team that’s highly satisfied in their careers, and a productive, efficient and successful tax practice in McMurray, PA.

Here are a few techniques we use to cultivate a culture of accountability:

                -Work Life Balance – We take this very seriously at Franty & Company.  Our communications director, Ellen Franty is a registered nurse and health coach. Ellen kept us well fed with healthy lunches and treats during busy season. She encourages our entire team to plan ahead for time off and to make time for exercise. It’s important that managers set a good example of Work Life Balance, so the rest of the team will comply without hesitation.

-Transparent Environment – Be open, honest, and authentic with your teams to build trust and accountability. At Franty & Co. we set clear expectations and goals for our employees and projects. We continue to promote a transparent environment with our clients by keeping them updated on project status.

-Give More Responsibility – By encouraging employees to take on more responsibility and more client ownership, they will be directly involved in the success or failure of a project, and therefore will be more invested in achieving a successful outcome.

-Feedback – Make feedback a part of everyday conversation between employees. Constructive and positive feedback are surefire ways to improve employee performance. While downward feedback is important, it’s vital that teams perform upward feedback too. No one is perfect, and with a transparent work environment, staff should feel comfortable expressing feedback to their managers.

This Pittsburgh tax practice operates as a team and has established a culture of accountability. Our clients reap the benefits of our efficient and proactive management practices with our high quality tax, bookkeeping and consulting deliverables. How do you hold yourself and your team accountable?

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