2016 Client Survey Results

October 25, 2016 | Businesses, Management Tips, Tax Advice |

A few months ago, we asked some of our business clients to participate in a client survey.  We wanted to look for ways to improve our business, to improve the services we offer to our clients and to hear what our clients are thinking.

To our clients who participated in the survey, THANK YOU! We really appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day to help us review our client service and improve.

We asked the 75 participants to rank the importance of different statements related to services they receive from their accountant.  Some of the statements included:

The importance of paying the least amount of taxes.

The importance of avoiding an audit.

The importance of having more control over your business.  

The importance of the accuracy of your tax returns.

The importance of our prompt response to your communications.

A rank of 5 meant that the statement was extremely important, while a rank of 1 meant that the statement was not important at all.





You’ll note that paying the least amount of taxes, accurate tax returns, and getting your tax and financial questions answered were all quite important to our clients.

After individually ranking the importance of our statements, we asked the participants to select the most important statement.



Accurate tax returns, paying the least amount of taxes and avoiding an audit are the most important concerns of our clients.

So, what are we at Franty & Company doing to respond to these results?  We are revamping our tax return review process in the office. At least two sets of eyes will look at tax returns before they are processed. We’re also starting to reach out to our clients about year-end tax planning.  If you’re on our email list, you probably received our reminder to schedule your tax planning phone call or meeting.  We’ve already contacted some of you and scheduled appointments.  Our staff has started preparing tax projections and discussing strategies to help our clients reduce their taxable income before December 31, 2016.

Again, a big thank you to our survey participants. We are quite lucky to have such a wonderful group of clients!  You make our jobs easier and we truly enjoy working with you!

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