Roth IRA Conversions

We speak with a lot of folks saving for their retirement and they often ask us if we think they’re saving enough.  "How much is enough" is a question for another day, but we do want to talk about an interesting retirement savings strategy that many folks are utilizing - Roth IRA Contributions. We all [...]

Pennsylvania Taxpayer Identity Theft Issues

Remember our last post on identity theft? Here’s a brief summary: Tax refund fraud is up to $21 BILLION! Increased online services from the IRS allow hackers more opportunities to steal taxpayer identities and file for fraudulent refunds. More than 330,000 taxpayers were affected by a security breach in May 2015. Why are we talking about [...]

December 17, 2015|Individuals, Tax Advice|

Now is the time for 1099s!

Over the past few years, the IRS has taken an aggressive step to ratchet up its ability to enforce business compliance with annual 1099 income reporting regulations. We would like to discuss Form 1099-Misc and these enforcement changes. We will also share the potential consequences for not filing these annual reports and how to stay [...]

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