Health Care & Small Business

The Affordable Care Act means big changes for your small business. We at Franty & Company want to make sure you’re prepared for the new health care requirements. Self-Employed: Eligible to purchase health insurance coverage through the Individual Health Insurance Marketplace Individual Shared Responsibility (ISR) provision of the ACA requires each individual in a household [...]

Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

How do you distinguish expense reimbursements from disguised compensation? Establish an accountable plan! Accountable vs. Nonaccountable If a company’s arrangement meets the accountable plan requirements, expense reimbursements to employees are 100% deductible by the company (50% for most meals and entertainment). Also, the reimbursements are excluded from the employees’ taxable income and are not subject [...]

January 10, 2015|Businesses|

In Defense of Capitalism

Do you like Twitter?  I really enjoy it and find it to be an amazing place to get information.  If you’re not Tweeting, it’s something that you should spend some time exploring. I read a “Tweet” a few days ago that really got me thinking.  Most of our clients are in business and I wanted [...]

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